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National Women Business Directory is your premier source to bring exposure and awareness to small, mid-size or well established businesses.  Our unique on-line directory links you to an array of networking opportunities and afford women-based businesses all the advantages of growing their establishment, locally and nationwide. We welcome you to get NWBD info to help grow your business. Learn more about how we are dedicated to providing exceptional management and services. NWBD is a creative database designed to foster relationships between your business, your community and around the world.  

Our Mission: Our mission is to ensure every member receives the highest standards in technological marketing, presenting and promoting your product.  When you join NWBD the possibilities are endless!  

Our Team: National Women Business Directory is made up of many business owners who have a common desire to build and elevate the NWBD brand. Our diverse team is here to help build and grow NWBD into the “GO TO” Source for women owned businesses across the country. There are several team members who dedicate their time and efforts to accomplish the same goal. While all team members are not listed, we will recognize some key members who are always in the spotlight to make things happen for NWBD.

  • Nadine Pulling, Business Director, 
  • Todd Smith, CMO, 
  • Donnell Holmes, CTO, 
  • Tonya Holmes, HR Manager, 
  • Yvone Smith, HR Manager.


Every member of NWBD is devoted to ensuring the success of the organization for the benefit of all women owned businesses in america. We invite you to peruse our website and make any suggestions for improvement as we embark on this mutual journey.


Nadine R. Pulling,  Ph.D.
Director of Business Development


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