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Benefits of Google +

  Essentially Google Plus is a social networking site. It was designed to compete with sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  Several reviews have recognized that Google Plus offers many of the social media benefits all rolled into one package. Additionally, Google Plus has the added benefit of being able to integrate many of the Google [...]

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How to get an affordable website presence?

  Did you know, that for just one low price of  $99, You can have your very own website paid in full for one full year? Yes, Its True…. For just one low price, you can have your business online with NO MONTHLY FEES!   Pay just  $99 one time and your online presence is [...]

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What’s Your Web Address?

THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERNET PRESENCE   In today’s business market having a web address is essential to the growth of your business. It’s like “cookies n cream”…they simply go together!  Your website works for you even when you’re not there.   It saves you time and energy and presents a plethora of factual information about your [...]

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